01. Primordial

[Pre-verse 1]
We place ourselves at the centre of creation
Never to appreciate the finer terms for our existence
Overwhelmed by the power the human mind can generate
Accelerate, mutate, evolve
Humanity had to accept its fate

[Verse 1]
One step too far genetic survival is continual war
Set stage across the face of the earth’s planetary crust

The position as the first mover has now been reinvented

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Hence, the primal recreates its premise

Can we absolve the threat of our being?
We all know our own limitations
Let’s pretend there’s a way, our destination
Yet, we cannot restart, the programme is set

[Verse 2]
Bloodshed crude word how about eugenic euphoria?
Compelled by the carnal lust that resides within us all

Natural selection it’s under the shadow of extinction
Too virulent to accept the limits of our apprehension
Telling ourselves it isn’t so, thoughts prevail

The malice that is our environment
Sculpts beings to be able manage it
Equips sentience to deal with it
Under the pretence that we shall once come to dominate it

[Pre-chorus 2]
Infer upon life’s habitual contradictions

Logic must follow, our words are forfeit, observe epitome
Beauty is hollow,
To the world’s disservice, the human strain continues burn

Is there a reason for remorse? Is there a reason for it all?
Beyond description humanity abets its fall

first, last and always a chance mutation
Devoid of purpose, genesis starts with another’s eradication

02. Hardliner

[Verse 1]
Equipped, with nothing but pure instinct
As truth shall never be shun
The absolute as we know, imposed upon us all
And nature’s hierarchy shall be restored once more

Give in, sacrifice your menial needs on the platter of collectivism
leaders shall provide
Commit, your body‘s worth nothing to the cause if it’s dead, if it’s dead

[Verse 2]
Embracing reasons that seem to converge
Convenience abided
The premium state into which you’ve been reborn
The perfect symbol of our continual resolve

A new clarity and purpose you will exhume
And purge the moderate within you
A means to justify – all means to an end!
Under the guise of a greater good

Until the end, is it pain you’re looking for?
The words are never true, so right to you
Until the end, is it me you’re looking for?
The wind blows through the air
Got a feeling of despair

[Bridge 1]
It’s all inherent in the system
Displayed in the prowess of our toil
Obey! Allegiance not suffice, you know
Soul shall merge with purpose
We, guilty of transgressions one way or another

[Bridge 2]
Society is brimming with the need to shed from its former self
No true completion is subtle, rescind, remove and correct man to his rightful state

Ask yourself wherein your purity lies?
Ask yourself what true duty implies?
Demagogue, puritan, unyielding believer above all
And in our fanaticism shall we prevail

03. Shock and Awe

[Verse 1]
All who oppose the order shall feel the consequence
Let shock and awe be the means of our restoration

[Pre-chorus 1]
No failure to comply thus warrants
The utmost extreme response upon those deserving
Message pure and true

[Verse 2]
Oh, your place among the hostile finished
Terror the most ingenious weapon you’ll succumb to

[Chorus 1]
Waiting for you to look in my mind, maybe there is an answer
to what you’re looking for/you will become
There is no reason,
with those who won’t accept our claims
There is no reason/reasoning with those who won’t acknowledge
it’s a zero-sum game, a zero-sum game

Virtue of tech bring us closer step by step
Obtain and sustain status of our efforts seek to project

All hail the new tactic that will bring our enemies to our knees
So overtly simplistic
The perfect opportunity to usher in the age of true dominance

Divided into hatred, give yourself into fire
Forsaken preservation, there is no way to see for yourself
Now it’s time to dwell, coming back for my own indication

I say bring down righteous fury
Your continued existence is an insult we will not suffer

You invited the tool for your judgment
As vast as it is disproportionate
Your act of defiance aground
And soon you’ll no longer be around

We solve all your doubts

04. Vestiges

[Verse 1]
Intentions were never falser
Than the words you spoke.
I stripped my face of all the masks
Now I’m more fragile than ever
I was down, but I got up again
And now I’m turning my back on you
You poisoned me with your venomous lies
And now you’re back on your knees

[Chorus 1]
I’ve come to say goodbye, the bridges have been burned, I’m leaving
I cannot spend more time listening to your lies,
your lies, your lies, your lies

[Verse 2]
Amusing how your words are molded into a dagger’s sheath
Your record speaks for itself, and your insidious lies!
Still enough to enslave
Gambling with your sentiments

Oh I don’t even wish you well,
please fuck off and drown the last of your dignity in a pool
in a pool of self loathing
I will not let you pull me down, your personality has turned gray
No longer will you poison me with your lies! Your lies, your lies

[Bridge 2]
Incongruent, your actions are just a pile of waste
oh so meaningless
sole purpose; self-righteous
Shut the fuck up, allow me to rephrase;
There is no way

[Chorus 2]
I’ve come to say goodbye, the bridges have been burned, I’m leaving
I cannot spend more time listening to your lies,
your lies, your lies, your lies, your lies

I am not at peace with this recourse or the state that it restores
I’ll leave you to ponder how to deal with the vestiges
Your lies, vestiges, vestiges, your lies, vestiges, vestiges

05. Erratic

[Verse 1]
Caught in a constant state of denial, paired by unwillingness to deal with your
Trepidation marks your compulsive needs, always at the centre of attention
Godly, ungodly

[Pre-chorus 1]
You fail your own contemplations, because in failure you find a wanton curse
Characteristic of your reflections, is to make the situation worse

If you’re born again, then that’s alright
But behavioral symptoms do not betray
And now it’s plain in sight lest we forget, emotionally impaled
Your complex precedes you

[Verse 2]
Duality exaggerations, pointless strain placed upon those so godly
Sought augment contradictions, torn between pleasure and guilt
Godly, ungodly

[Pre-chorus 2]
Conflict at your discretion, your senses drawn to and fro
Dislodging all solutions, never take into account how much you owe

Lies, compromised?
Visceral compulsion bears no vanity
Indulge me, You never valued feelings other than your own

We always saw, the emphatic rules you subscribe
Disingenuous, could never see beyond your own lies

06. Arbitrary

[Verse 1]
Matter and mass colliding in cataclysmic fission
Extinguished in glorious infinity, infinity to the end

We’re at the mercy of the forces of gravity
Consequently ending all consuming fire
Time to realize

[Chorus 1]
There is no time for running because the cosmos will be our death
You cannot bow for mortality
You cannot reason with, you cannot level with, you can’t escape eternity

[Verse 2]
Matter emerge, partition
A fraction in time, fragile
Purified in glorious, the lake of fire, lake of fire

Ignite the brazen sky
Submit your soulless cries

[Chorus 2]
There is no time for running because the cosmos will be our death
You cannot bow for brutality
You cannot reason with, you cannot level with, you can’t escape eternity

The end requires that all is forsaken
It is the reason that all will fall apart,

07. Relativity

[Verse 1]
So fickle the light of humanity
Seasoned in the strength of its hypocrisy

Survival assured as a proxy
Perpetual reproductive race will be our undoing/extinction
As clockwork we move closer

[Pre-chorus 1]
Infectious cheers, error that is carefully induced
Not enough to change assumptions

[Verse 2]
Curtains down, utility maximized
The permanent score no longer within our minds
Pressures to uphold a code unfittingly shed
Constructed realities offer convenient fiction placed
upon the alter of renewal

Face the truths we hold abreast
Challenging pure interests
Phase out disingenuous cries
Victimizing the prize
Hollowing out every response
Blocking ingenuity
Fate will not judge itself
Tomorrow is the day of the complacent

I am the wind that takes you away
Cause I see all your value is too low
You cannot see what is wrong
Fail, another fail, you know you’re on your own

I am the reason you walked away
I am the reason you walked away
I am the wind that takes you away
Cause I see all your value is too low
You cannot see what is wrong
Fail, another fail, you know you’re on your own

True mankind stretches far in order to perceive existence as a game.

08. Servitor

[Verse 1]
Oh I live to serve, I live to please, exist for your contentment
I am the one who strives to uphold your adamant fulfilment
Whatever you need, I’m ready to bleed, any doubt would just offend me
Debt being repaid in obedience, my servitude is endless

[Pre-chorus 1]
No way without, only way within

[Chorus 1]
I am away, chained sovereignty, save me from you, indifference, oh,

[Verse 2]
When I’m on my knees I’m in ecstasy, laid bare for your judgement
Affection unpolished, objectification is now total

[Pre-chorus 2]
Won’t fall again unless upon your consent

[Bridge 1]
Withdrawn, your word has failed to lead the way
Rest so, a failed contradiction, bold

[Pre-chorus 3] My relevance is obtained in your gain, obtained in your gain

Desperate affliction, voluntary self-infliction
Tell me who shall see the light

09. Heretech

I see you look at me with complete unambiguous revulsion
But I will no longer restrain my dehumanizing compulsions
I’ll still be here when your fate have long been dealt out

Shedding the shell, I shelter no feelings from reality
Mechanical hate imbued in my circuitry

[Chorus 1]
I’ve become more or less a fucking tribute to mankind’s duress
A strain apart in its own eyes
Soothing hatred thus ever clear
No way out! Self-control won’t bring me pause
To bypass nature’s immutable laws
Live beyond set preconditions
True cold bliss of hard logic shall linger

Augmentation makes me better now, the perfect machine
From me, no, from me!

A hole in the sky is all I see from here
All that I’m hearing is empty words from you

To be, first, be willing take on the scorn of society
Blocking decay that should have come naturally

[Chorus 2]
Walking through fire, call me a liar, let it be all in vain
I lie cause I need to put myself into, we all betray
I need to find a way to get me far away
I must release myself far from the pain

Is weak, old, is weak, no, immortality, no, is weak

10. Puncture

[Verse 1]
If I construct my opinions on the basis of lies
Alternate information
for sake of protection?

[Chorus 1]
Hate is your way out, so fucking ungodly, yeah
Feed on their pain

[Verse 2]
Unbroken the residual of trust
Are we meant to think this way?
Itching feeling is raw, something we cannot ignore

[Bridge 1]
Oh, knowledge held up for your eyes to see
A view of the world critically perceived
Weakens our fear, our loathe to refrain
Enhancing our tools to explain

[Bridge 2]
No judge, pacified no more
Elevate us from it all
Ascend, ascend

Face the unknown, underline and substantiate
Instincts are born, to ensure fruition of our goals
It’s the way, yeah
It’s the way, yeah
It’s the way, yeah

Puncture, puncture, puncture, puncture